Thursday, January 22, 2009

Someone is making a killing.

The treehouse is, of course, my favorite. It arrives blanch, sans colour. Can you imagine all the funky ways to dress this up? And why am I so obsessed with trees?

This one could be easily made with a refrigerator or freezer box. You can buy them cheaply from a home improvement store. My childhood best friend had a birthday party with about six or seven of these boxes made to look like kiosks at an Arabian bazaar. We bartered tchochkes like bead necklaces, headbands, cookies, candies, erasers, stickers, sashes, and those were the party favors. Her birthday parties always ROCKED!

A tepee for whispering your deepest secrets in the tall grasses.

A cardboard house? Go, recycling, go! We may not have anything sustainable and marketing yet, but hot DAMN I never thought this could happen.

The cardboard kitchen is a more expensive variety though it would be easier to make with an assortment of small boxes.

The question that begs to be asked: What happens when it rains?

I dunno if I'd make this a Halloween costume. This is a good thing to have when the little terrors feel like a spontaneous, hearty round of Gladiator. In the yard or your spacious, unfragile den.

Cardboard: salmonella-free, paint-free, with no chokability. It's cheap, it's paintable, and it's brilliant. I wish I had been a cardboard engineer. I'd be making BANK for creative dollhouses and kiddie tents. And tepees!

Everyone knows the box is so much more sustainable than ... say, a battery-operated machine designed to gray Mum & Dad's hairs. This leads me to think that cardboard is an easy DIY toy project. It would make a great family activity, too!

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  1. Cardboard boxes were my favorite toys as a child. No need for fancy fronts -- part of the fun was drawing and cutting them ourselves.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! Love your kid friendly goodies.