Friday, January 2, 2009

Frugal Schmugal - LOVE them.

"Don't let the bedbugs bite!"
If you don't know how to sew - please just skip this one. I'm sure you'll think of some cute and quirky alternative to give your house guests something to talk about over their Wheaties and coffee. If the lines are uneven, it'll just make you look good-humored in a creepy way. Like the count from Sesame Street. Oh, and uh, if you're as bad about remembering to dust (and this is one minor injury that my guests could spot without Clark Kent's 0/0 eyesight) as me and mine.

But *major* props to the crazy ladies who did this to a hotel comforter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not many photos are as sad as the ones at a yard sale. Those were people! Alas, if someone regards ancient familial media as fifty cents worth of garbage, make them your treasure! If it happened to the last known photo of myself, I would be quite proud to have my grill in an art collection instead of mashed with receipt paper and egg salad in a Wendy's cup.

If at this yard sale you should spy with your fine eye a useless thing like a tacky cuckoo clock that hasn't worked since 1982, please. Spend the $4. Buy it. Show the German Engineering (on the side of drunk that doesn't make racecars - I hope) some love. Dress it up in your colors. Give the dancing caricatures and smoking men a home in your daughter's doll house.


It doesn't have to be annoying as tick-tick-tick, nor as bat-shit-crazy as birdhouses. Think: most of those have been used. = 0

Make a semblance. A pretty configuration. Make it look like a natural mess just like the cogs inside of those clocks. Or the inside of a VCR. It's shabby but it's... *groan* don't finish that sentance, GAWD!

Making something yours can be as thrifty as decoupaging music notes onto a vase. If I had a picture of that, I would soooo post it for you. Maybe some thoughtful guru will post a picture in the comments section.

Happy New Years!


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