Saturday, January 24, 2009

COLOR! Me oh my!

Pink-lavender is going to be a big color scheme this year. It's the color of bittersweet romance, of longing, and of dizziness. It's the color of bruises, of a pulse, and anticipation. It's the color underneath your eyelids when you kiss your true love and when you have to fall asleep away from them.
Blues don't invoke sadness to me. What a terribly named musical genre! Don't get me wrong, I like the Blues sometimes. I don't understand, though, how this blue doesn't enliven and energize someone. Isn't this the happiest blue you've ever seen?

This is my dream bookshelf. Where are all the books?! I love that they've chunked the layered with dark and light tones of blue and yellow, creating somewhat asymmetrical stacking and bring attention to every single level. I also adore the blue vases inside the yellow shelf. It's harmonious.

I also love that this picture mixes modern accessories (i.e. the oriental face) with shabby, antique accessories (i.e. the tea cake tray). Lots of designers try; few pull it off.

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