Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stay Awhile

Congratulations, me! My very first post on this dreamscape-to-be! Hopefully, this little corner will become my gushing outlet of all the beautiful things I see and feel the need to keep or share somehow. If you're here, I think you know what I mean.

I also want to publish some of my frugal and sheerly mad designing ideas without the authority to do so. Don't you just love the internet sometimes? If its no longer 2008, but way, way in the distant future and you're here to see where it all started - to the left - THAT is the reason behind the Raezin.

I've found that in becoming a mother, which isn't as dull as the childless or mothers with ugly babies would have you think, I've come to understand why it's important to appreciate beauty in all forms: simplicity, bizarre, exotic, and etc. Take for instance the first time I heard my daughter say "mama": she had a miserable cold at the time and I felt like a walking snot rag, she vomits immediately afterward, but I couldn't really focus on anything but those two syllables: ma ma.

If you can't appreciate beauty in life, why exist? Where is the goodness?
Tomorrow I'll really get this at full speed ahead. *Curtsy, y'all*

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