Friday, December 12, 2008

Cookie Baking Optional

How boring would is this CB2 dining room? Not nearly as boring as it would be without the ornamented tree branch suspended directly above it. Just imagine - can a mind in this digital age comprehend such a bland space?

Adding touches of nature to make a big or small aesthetic statement never goes out of style! I'm a treehugger, as you'll come to find out, and as I'm decorating my living room - ahem - infusing and invigorating the decor of my living room, there's nothing I want more than a wise old tree-of-life strung up from the corner above my couch. It's so true - if I didn't have a baby to mind every minute of the daylight, I'd have found ticks in my hair by now.

Wow, I'm really kicking things off nice and classy...

Anyway. Doesn't sound appealing to you? Hmm? I dare you to do a quick flip through of a CB2 or hell, even Pottery Barn catalog. Well, did you? Go ahead. Done yet? Okay, now tell me which pages jumped out at you. It's my own philosophy that over half of the eye-popping photographers know how to work this nature angle against your better judgement. We'll see.

The best thing about decorating with nature is how affordable it is. Unless you live in a metropolitan area and would probably get fined for picking a flower in a city park, it's easy to take the branches that you pull away to mow the grass and boost the euphoria of your indoor atmosphere.

*Swoon* They're swoopy, lazy, cozy, but elegant creatures, trees. They really elevate the ambiance with such quiet and sincere aplomb.

(Coco Chanel knew what was up!)

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