Monday, December 22, 2008

Is This Still a Design Blog?

I know, I know! This is really *supposed* to be a design blog, but it's turning into an endearing sort of dump... a netfill? No, not that kind of thing. No Cialis commercials here. I'm ADD and since this is my blog after all, I'll tell you all about the most charming and personal jewelry line I stumbled upon after just posting the last one.

BonBonOiseau is a place I would shop if I were a celebrity and could spend a couple hundred bucks on earrings. Forget Harry Winston. Forget Tiffany's. Everybody and their mama "borrows" their stuff for the Oscars and blah... how can diamonds be so interesting time after time?

Really, though, diamonds' "classic" status can only go so far. Do you have to look classic everyday? Go get a personality, diamond! These pieces are so humble, charming, and intrinsic, though, you just kinda have to adore them. Little things.

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