Friday, December 12, 2008

I Heart Misha Lulu

The hippie in me says, "OH! How bitchin' is this tunic?!". The parent in me says, "I must have it. For my daughter."

What does it bring to mind? If you didn't say the Von Trapp Family's playclothing made of vintage curtain fabric mixed with rural European or Russian thriftcraft, well, I just don't know how you expect to agree with any of this.

But really, isn't this line a refreshing change from the glittery, snotty styles sold in major stores? I'm so tired of seeing nine year old girls wearing hot pink sequins that spell out "Flirt". How can anyone send Sunshine off to Brownies with tight yoga pants that say "whatever!" on the ass? How has this become the status quo?

I'm no Amish, I'm no Mormon, and I never fell for "modest is the hottest". Please. I like wearing backless tank tops that tie up with arm warmers. That's just who I am (especially when plaid pants are involved). When I go to the bar in the summer, my mother would be embarassed for me in a way that I would feel was unnecessary.

My daughter, who isn't allowed to date until she's retired, doesn't need to get her clothes to do her cute-ifying for her. She is all the cute in the world there ever was. The girl could break hearts wearing a glad sack one day. That won't be necessary, though, because small businesses still exist. Mom and Pop shops are very much alive online; I'm so thankful for the quality clothes from Misha Lulu and others like them because they take us back to a fundamental idea of clothing.

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