Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The functional eye-candy from BabyWit will make you wish you were a) as rich as Lilly Pulitzer without the horror of being Lilly Pulitzer or b) adopted by Daddy Warbucks and c) could be a stay-at-home, play-at-home mom. Who doesn't want this dollhouse? Something is wrong with you, ma'am, if this doesn't make you long to be a giggly, french-braided seven year old again. Very wrong.

You can't quite make it out, but this adorable unisex onesie says "I'll save the world someday". No pressure! For now, it's totally fine that you can't figure out how to open your hand to eat the cheerio locked inside your fist. One day that fist will lead the revolution!
Si, se puede!

This lovely dress, envied by every fairy without a checking account, is called the "hormiga" dress and is $78.

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