Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Inspirations

All of these are from my computer's photos file, without a niche to include them with the other children. ? They are pretty unique, and pretty damned inspiring, if you ask me. The one above is an installation by Kristen Hassenfield called "Dans La Lune". Below is a photo that was sitting on my computer for longer than most things do, just because it's so intriguing to know that this place exists. It's in Japan and it's a Ghost Town of an amusement park. I wonder if the park sucked or if the rides were dangerous... Or...
By Edward Duarte, I imagine this to be the inside of the Ark, were Noah an enterprising metrosexual carpenter in the 21st century.
VW buses were made to become driving funky artmobiles.
This is what the Stairway to Heaven looks like. I never knew heaven was a treehouse.

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