Sunday, February 15, 2009

Splish Splash Pitter Patter

From Decorator
I've always found that fountains - indoor and outdoor - bring an unparalleled tranquility to whatever atmosphere they're added to. Candles, incense, and flowers can only accomplish so much. The dribbling drip-drop brings so much ambience and elegance to any room and you don't always need a large hall or ivy-plush garden wall to pull it off.From Simply Good
Is it weird for an eight grader to ask for money for a fountain for her birthday? That's what I did... I hardly ever used it, actually; when I did, though, were moments of much-needed relaxation and deep breaths. It's strange to see a fountain in a kid's room, but its not a terrible idea for older, responsible kids.Land of the Lost? Noooo. It's so much more Wilma than that. Wilma Flintstone, that is.An absolute classic that looks like it poured right off the pages of Great Expectations. Hey, Stella!A delicious, juicy relic. I'm reminded of breaking rocks open and finding complex gems that are like secret architecture.

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